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PCB Layout

Comprehensive PCB services


Ma'agalim provides the highest levels of PCB Layout services, combining experienced team, advanced procedures, and industry-leading tools including, Cadence Allegro and Valor for DFM/DFA Analysis.  We have the experience required to consistently meet your needs and the ability to execute both simple and complex interconnect designs, while keeping in sight your goals for quality, performance, cost, and schedule. Whether it's high-speed, RF, or high-density PCB's, our capabilities encompass the full design flow from start to finish including:

  • Micro BGA / Micro Via / Blind and Buried Vias

  • Library Development & Maintenance

  • High Frequency boards - Delay Matching / Differential Pairs

  • Digital / Analog, RF, and Mixed Signals boards

  • HDI boards (up to 40G) - Fine-Pitch / BGA

  • Motherboards, Backplanes

  • SDM boards - density on both sides

  • Wire-Bonding

  • ASIC Evaluation boards

  • Flex & Rigid boards

  • Substrate

  • Power boards

  • Flip-Chip

  • Ceramic boards

  • Interposers

  • Conversion from other platforms
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