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PCB Fabrication

Comprehensive PCB services


Ma'agalim delivers end-to-end manufacturing services of the highest quality, offering

a full range of printed circuit board technologies, and multiple advanced capabilities.        

From one-off prototype, to low-cost high-volume production, we're providing all kinds

of special high technology of single sided, double sided, and multi-layer PCB's including

Flex-Rigid, HDI, Backplane, Metal Base, High-Tg heavy copper foil, and Mixed Dielectric Base.

With its roll-to-roll fabrication technology, state-of-the-art processing systems, and a full

engineering support, Ma'agalim provides cost-effective volume production with transfer of

high-end technology and high quality products in a time sensitive manner.

Our advanced capabilities include Micro Via (laser drilling system), Blind & Buried Vias, 

0.4mm BGA pitch solutions, Jump V-Cut, Ultra-Thin high-density materials processing

at high yields, Countersink Holes, Depth Routing, and more.

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